Cover & Page Mounts


From accurately placing an item onto the cover of a magazine through to placing a product sample on a specific advertiser's page, the Handwork Company are capable of completing any mount activities.

Bellybands & Spread-markers


We can wrap and affix your bellybands around a publication or attach a spread-marker to the pages that you specify.



Shrinkwrapping available by our team of hand workers to your specification.


Hand Mailing into Poly-loops


If you have a job that needs mailing but has a covermount or gimmick that won't run through a poly wrapping machine our team can insert it into the self-seal poly-loop and seal it ready for mailing on your behalf.​




Our experienced team is available to hand assemble products in the correct order as requested.




It is not always possible to use a machine to fold and assemble some products, our team of hand workers are capable of accurately and quickly folding and assembling to unique requirements.​




Whether inserting items into packs boxes or bags, the hand packing capabilities of the Handwork Company mean that we can meet your requirements

Kraft Wrapping 


If your product needs Kraft Wrapping into specific quantities then our team can provide a professional wrapping service.




Not all projects go to plan, if you need a job re-working then our team is on hand to carry out your instructions.